‘76 Type 2 Westfalia Berlin


This original camper-van is a real time capsule. The Westfalia Berlin was considered the flagship of 1970s conversions and is still much sought after today due to its practical layout and roomy interior that allows a family of four to comfortably sleep inside the van. It was a very popular design and most modern vans still follow the same layout.

The body is in excellent condition and retains its original colour Marino yellow L20A.  The sills, wheel arches, jacking points and cross members are all rock solid and show no signs of previous repair or being bodged. The van has been heavily wax-oiled over the years which has helped to preserve it and keep it in its lovely original condition.

The roof canvass is in good shape as are the cushions and upholstery. Obviously being over 40 years old they are not perfect, but they are still respectable and ready to use. The interior even has its original curtains. The van comes with a 12-volt split charge leisure battery system with a 240-volt hook-up, CD player and FM stereo.

The engine is a strong 1600 cc twin-port, which runs extremely well, and the brakes and suspension are also in good working order.

The mileage clock has just turned past the 100,000-mile mark, which we believe to be original.

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